LFO practically working in the district South Punjab but its networking is with various national and international NGOs and provincial and National public institutes. It actively participates in all levels of development activities such as workshops/seminars, training events, organized by various organizations and institutes. It participates in the programs of NGOs, district and provincial coordination council whether it is at district, provincial level, and national level or international. This learning process is extremely beneficial and always encouraged LFO’s strengthen.

Our Donors:-

Governmental organizations

Certificates of Performance

Monitoring and Evolution.

M & E is necessary to measure the program performance and effectiveness. LFO has well established monitoring and evolution system, which supports all projects programs in their data collection, Data management and information generation. In addition through the supportive supervisory mechanism at all program level, keep the communication of information and feedback mechanism more effective. This information used to review the progress to take timely decisions regarding the modification in project implementation and future planning.

Who We Are:

LFO is a nonpolitical and non profitable humanitarian relief and development organization who works to save lives, promote self reliance and dignity through human transformation going beyond relief and development.

LFO was established in 2011 as an umbrella organization for the Pentecostal Movement’s existing humanitarian and development work. Since then the work has grown considerably, and LFO is working strategically and focused within the areas of Inclusive Education, Here under Special Needs Education and Development of the Civil Society. LFO has 2 teams focusing on different key aspects in LFO’s work: The Program Team focuses on the larger humanitarian and development projects where church and Community Based Organization partnerships and projects have developed into well established programmers within LFO’s priority sectors of work and geo graphical focus. The Church Partnership Team works on developing church partnerships and collaboration with churches and Community Based Organizations in South Punjab with a purpose of developing the civil society through partnerships and projects.

Vision Statement:

“A godly, transformed society” We see a transformed society built on love, justice and peace in which citizens live in respect and care for the

Individual integrity and have opportunities to develop themselves in a holistic perspective (spirit, soul, body).

Mission Statement

To save lives, promote self-reliance and dignity through human transformation going beyond relief and development.

How LFO Works:

Success stories are sometimes associated with one person but that is seldom the whole truth. This project happened because some of the finest individuals in Pakistan got together to work on it, and succeeded in persuading the people and the government that there was a better way of doing things.

LFO works with vulnerable and marginalized groups in poverty dominated contexts; the organization has developed certain qualities and a uniqueness, which has lead to LFO’s definition of core competences and sector focus and to the development of strategic priorities related to those.


  • To eradicate illiteracy.
  • To reduce poverty by improving economic status of individuals through income generation activities.
  • To improve health status of communities through health education, environmental cleanliness, and increasing access to primary health and child care centers in remote villages.
  • To organize women into self help groups and develop their leadership qualities to facilitate making decisions at personal and social levels.
  • To eliminate bonded, forced, child labor and slavery.
  • To promote gender equality.
  • Reducing discrimination promoting equality and strengthen capacity of marginalized groups to assert their rights.
  • Provide education, health and agricultural support in community.
  • Supporting women development in the rural areas and discouraging gender discrimination through concentrated efforts of public awareness.
  • Promoting peace through interfaith dialogue.

Try to attitudinal change in community.

  • Promote volunteerism and build capacity of volunteers, social workers, youth, stake holders, Govt. and private servants, Labor through advocacy.
  • Promote skill development for alleviation of poverty.
  • Build coordination between public, private, social sectors and community.
  • LFO aims to uplift socio economic conditions of people by motivating them to utilize their resources, strengths, capabilities through self help initiatives.
  • It also aims to resolve the problems faced by poverty stricken people through community development activities.
  • To improve the economic and social status of community of the targeted area.
  • Help Govt. and public sectors to achieve MDGs
  • SKILL development Center for women ( Gender Empowerment)
  • Trainings for capacity building
  • Work for Human Rights such as violence against women, child Labor.
  • Try to improve environment.

Areas of Interest:

  • Education
  • Minority Rights
  • Health
  • Women and youth development
  • Advocacy
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Capacity Building
  • Poverty Alleviation. Gender.